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The purpose of this website is to provide a wide range of current information about health care ergonomics to health care safety and ergonomics professionals, providers, organizations, employees, and consumers.

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April 2016 – Just published by the American Association for Safe Patient Handling and Movement (AASPHM)  –The Healthcare Recipient Sling and Lift Hanger Bar Compatibility Guidelines.  The goal of the guidelines is to provide information and recommendations about the compatibility of healthcare recipient (patient) slings and lift hanger bars. These will assist healthcare facilities and organizations, healthcare workers, sling and lift manufacturers, and retailers to facilitate safe use of slings and lift hanger bars in any setting where healthcare recipients are lifted, moved and mobilized. Download the Guidelines.

New Winter 2016 – We have moved this website to a new hosting platform that is more mobile friendly! We are now in the process of updating site content and adding new ergonomics related tools and resources so please check back in a few months to take a look!

Visit the Hospital and Worker Culture of Safety webpage from the Washington State Hospital Association. You can download a variety of new health care safety and safe patient handling resources.

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Formed in 2003 the OCHE is a working partnership between health care industry groups and professional associations, academia, labor, workers’ compensation insurance, and Oregon OSHA. Click here to read more about these organizations.

Our mission is to improve healthcare employee and consumer safety by promoting ergonomics best practices across the continuum of care. The OCHE continuously seeks to build collaborative partnerships to develop evidence based activities that reduce the incidence of work related MSDs, improve patient safety and benefit the business of health care in Oregon.

OCHE members include ergonomists, nurses, therapists, safety and other health care professionals. Click here for more information about the OCHE.

Funding for hosting of this site has been provided through the CROET Nursing Worksite Award.This website is maintained by volunteer members of OCHE. We need your help to make sure it is current and contains all necessary information. Contact us if you know of any resources that should be added to the site or if you have tools and success stories that you would like to share.

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